It is a term in LGBT slang that refers to members with specific codes, activities and identity; characterized by their stocky body and abundant hair on their face and body; they show a masculine attitude, generally avoiding the stereotype of the girly homosexual.

Within Bears there are several types:

  1. CHASER: Completely hairless or little hair, normal or semi-athletic complexion, likes Bears and tends to act like a Bear despite not complying with the physical appearance.
  2. CUB: Bear-like, but younger or shorter in height; they are more likely to be protected by a Bear or a Daddy, although they do take care of themselves.
  3. CHUBBY: Chubby with little or no body hair and usually no beard at all, or at most, 2 or 3-days beard.
  4. CHUBBY-BEAR: Identical to Chubby, only he usually has hair or a beard.
  5. DADDY: Mature bear and protects the Cub.
  6. POLAR BEAR: Mature bear; completely gray-haired.
  7. MUSCLE BEAR: Bear who shows good muscle structure.
  8. NUTRIA: Muscular Bears but thinner and with body hair.
  9. WOLF: Gray-haired Bear.
  10. ADMIRER: All sorts of people who are attracted to hairy men, whether they are Bears or not, and do not have a similar aesthetic to the one of the group.

The flag, which official name is “International Bear Brotherhood Flag” was designed by American Craig Byrnes in 1995; each stripe refers to the skin tone of the different animal bears of the world, not to the shade of the different human skins and hair. In the upper left corner, the flag has a bear claw (5 hooves), symbolizing the sympathy and strength of those who identify with this group.