We are a couple of bears who always had the dream of having our own jewelry store with bears and claws images; the idea was born after taking some time looking for a special gift with a good design and especially quality and style that would symbolize our group and we did not find anything like that, due to which we decided to start this project for our community with all the respect and feeling it deserves. In order to achieve this, we decided to partner with CRITAN PLATA S.A. DE C.V., a company dedicated to the artisan manufacture of silver jewelry, so that each piece of jewelry is an exclusive design of the finest quality for each bear, trying to create an image with symbols that resemble our community with all the respect and the best intention they deserve, so that each piece of jewelry is the greatest possible delight, trying to create a unique feeling for each special occasion. We are quality, feeling, style and passion.

YUEL expresses the essence of creative freedom in each of its jewels, made by designers and artisans who have been inspired by bears. All of this is done under a constant and meticulous control of all the production processes and compelling quality.

YUEL proudly shows in its collection details that go beyond fashion, an example of masculine beauty in the creation and development of silver jewelry pieces, using the image of one of the strongest and largest animals: BEARS, symbol of our community; bears are distinguished by their manly, hairy and big appearance, a clear model of masculine attraction.

We divided our collection into:

Claw – Image with elegant claws features.

Paw – Paw that reflects the steps left by the BEAR.

Pride – Outline of a BEAR on one of its faces.

Bear – Embossed portrayal of a BEAR.

Yuel – Pattern of a BEAR’s face.

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